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Fueled by a bull-headed drive, South Carolina filmmaker David Axe is determined to make one film a year. He’ll admit that his horror and exploitation films are pretty bad. But he’s determined to eventually make one good movie. He convinces a band of actors and filmmakers to trek into the backwoods of Georgia to shoot a very ambitious horror-meets-western-fantasy film ACORN. But when disaster strikes, each member of the cast and crew faces conflict and self doubt. CREATE OR DIE asks the question, why do we keep creating art even when there is only a slim chance of fame or money?

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Director, Editor | Sarah Massey

Executive Producer | David Axe

Starring | David Axe, Morgan Shaley Renew, Caylin Brooke Sams

Artist | Geoff Edlins

Original Music Composer | Tyler Matthes

Production Company | Defiant Productions

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…there’s something admirable about failing again and again just to fulfill your vision, even though it won’t win you fame, fortunes or your sanity. The new documentary Create or Die takes a look at what it’s like to spend decades truly suffering for your art - all in the pursuit of brief moments of joy. … The documentary serves as a love letter to hard work and passion, for everyone involved….

Rudie Obias, Battle Royale with Cheese

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