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It all started when I got my very own pocket-sized Canon Powershot A-1000 for my eleventh birthday. As soon as I hit that video record button for the first time, there was no looking back. From then on, I didn’t go anywhere without a camera. I tagged along to my mom’s photography classes, where I was mesmerized by the way lighting, camera angles and lenses could be used to enhance the emotion of a photo. I instantly knew this was an art form I would be dedicating my life to.


A voracious reader, I was constantly chasing after the next historical fiction adventure. And in 6th grade, I found a way to blend my two loves, storytelling and cameras, into one. I talked my mom into driving me to Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia, where I shot and hosted my first history docu-short. My dad showed me how to make basic edits on Sony Vegas, and I was instantly hooked. After I graduated, I decided to turn my favorite hobby into a career.

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There’s nowhere I feel more alive than on a film set or behind the editing screen. It takes hard work to excel at a creative freelance career, but that hard work is so rewarding - from the incredible personal friendships I’ve formed with fellow creators, to the community we’ve built to help inspire other creators.


I remember sitting in the movie theater as a kid, completely spell bound by the movie magic unfolding before my eyes. I want to create that very same experience for others through my own work. I am passionate about creating content that brings us together and inspires others to make this world a better place.

If that is your dream too, I would love to collaborate. Whether you’re an artist ready to tell your story, a business looking to enhance your social media marketing, or a filmmaker ready to crew up, I am here to help.

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