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After receiving a cancer diagnosis, a young b-movie director Chloe Vozenilek fights to make one final movie - a fantasy western. It goes badly. Oh, and there's a man-eating tree.

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This movie is a lot of fun, wildly imaginative and heartbreaking. In a world where originality is rare, this movie manages to present a fresh look at the life of a struggling artist. The style of meta storytelling here is new and only of it’s time. Pretty likable characters all around regardless of where they stand with the protagonist. Star, Morgan Shaley Renew, completely carries the heart of this movie. Their performance is real and cathartic.

John Valley, Director 'Pizzagate Massacre'

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Director, Writer & Editor | David Axe

Starring | Caylin Brooke Sams, Morgan Shaley Renew

Sound | Willie Kimbrough

Special Effects | Hayden Brogan

Special Effects | Kenneth Perkins

Production Company | DRAX Films

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